The Right Tools for a Job Done Right



1Our fleet was assembled for speed, efficiency and durability. We are not concerned with bling; rather, we concentrate on things like gross vehicle weight, axle weight, miles per gallon and vehicle longevity. Our tractor and trailer combos can haul 45,000+ lbs so you can stack it high and tight.

We have a full-time crew of certified technicians to make sure that our trucks stay on the road and out of the shop. Each truck receives a full vehicle inspection and a preventative maintenance package in regular intervals.

We hate down time and we hate calling our customers to inform them that a truck has broken down. Our equipment has a maximum service life of 2 years at which time the tractor and/or trailer are retired and traded in for brand new models. The protocol of 2 years max service life keeps our trucks moving so you rest easy that your freight will deliver on time.


2 At Trius we know that the quality of our trailers is equally important to the quality of our trucks. We buy high quality trailers every 2 years just like our trucks and again we aren’t concerned with how shiny they are.

We maintain a fleet of trailers that were manufactured using space age technology. Ultrathin insulation and lightweight building materials make our trailers versatile, high cubed and durable.

Our trailers receive the same treatment as our trucks with 2 years max service life and regular preventative maintenance and inspections.